Toastmasters meetings are structured and prescribed with specific roles so that we stay on schedule, respecting each other’s time. Because of this, you can attend a Toastmasters meeting anywhere around the world and feel at home. Each new meeting you attend should feel comfortable, but you’ll always see and learn something new!

Part of the fun of Toastmasters is volunteering for the various meeting roles.  As we say:  A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats. We know that you might be nervous to try a role for the first time, but we are here to cheer you on and support you. We are happy to meet with you ahead of time and answer any questions you may have – please don’t hesitate to reach out. We always need the following 8 roles.  Click on the hyperlinks for guidance in fulfilling each role at an upcoming meeting.  


The meeting’s MC and host; you’ll work ahead of time with the Club President on the meeting’s agenda and confirm all the role takers and speech givers.


In our club, this is its own role (not part of the Grammarian role) to help us learn new vocabulary.  Meeting participants are encouraged to use your word whenever they speak during the meeting.

Quote Mark


Inspire us or make us laugh at the beginning of the meeting!


Help develop members’ impromptu speaking skills.  Table Topics speeches are shorter speeches, typically between 1-2 minutes. If the meeting has a theme, for example for fall or the Holidays, Table Topics questions will also reflect the meeting theme.


Monitor the time for each meeting segment and speaker.

Soul Supreme

Listen for and report on overused or filler words used as a crutch by anyone who speaks during the meeting, such as “Ah”, Um’, “So’, “Yeah but”.

Lined Up Books

Encourage good use of language and take note of incorrect grammar usage; in our club, Word of the Day is a separate role.

Meeting Table

Review, assess and act as the overall quality control for the meeting, from the time people arrive to the end of the educational component of the meeting.

At each meeting, we like to have 2-3 members give speeches.  We encourage everyone to sign up for and follow the projects (speeches) on their Toastmasters Pathway (there are 11 Pathways to choose from), but you are welcome to give a 4-6 or 5-7 minute speech on anything you’d like as long as it meets the objectives of your Pathways project.

Evaluators hone their listening skills, paying particular attention to details the speaker requests ahead of time. The reports that evaluators present at the end of each meeting are extremely helpful for not just the speaker, but for all club members to become a better speakers.

Please join us at an upcoming meeting by trying out a new role – or perhaps a speech or evaluation!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to contact us.