June 2022 PMIW Toastmasters Meeting Agenda

Hope you can join us for this month's PMI Westchester Toastmasters meeting!

If you'd like to say hello and get to know everyone better, please log on at 6:40. If you want to attend just the meeting, please log on by 7:00 as we begin promptly. Our meeting theme is Summer Solstice. Feel free to incorporate this theme into your Zoom backgrounds or clothing and if you have a meeting role.

6:40 PM

Social Time (for those interested – hope to see many of you!)

7:00 PM

Meeting Called to Order

Mission Statement

President welcomes Guests

Carl E. Reid

Carl E. Reid

Maria De Borba Silva

7:05 PM

President Transitions to Toastmaster

Martine Dardignac

7:06 PM

Toastmaster Calls on Meeting Roles for Explanations

Ah-Counter (1 min)

Timer (1 min)

Grammarian (1 min)

General Evaluator (1 min)

Andrew Gilbert

Laura Puddu

Elliot Hollander

Adam Cole

7:10 PM

Toastmaster Introduces Speakers

Word of the Day (1-2 mins)

Quote/Joke of the Day (1-2 mins)

First Speaker (5-7 minutes)

Second Speaker (5-7 minutes)

Maria De Borba Silva

Alexis Mark Linda Dell

Wilona Varga

7:28 PM

Toastmaster Introduces Table Topics Master

Carl E. Reid

7:45 PM

Best Table Topic Poll

Maria De Borba Silva

7:46 PM

Toastmaster Introduces Evaluators

First Speaker’s Evaluation (2-3 mins)

Second Speaker’s Evaluation (2-3 mins)

Ah-Counter (1-2 mins)

Timer Report (1-2 mins)

Grammarian (1-2 mins)

General Evaluator (1-2 mins)

Laxmi Vallury

Lisa Muehlfelt

Jennie Ossentjuk

Laura Puddu

Elliot Hollander

Adam Cole

8:00 PM

Best Table Topic Winner / Announcements

Maria De Borba Silva

8:05 PM

7/19 Meeting Sign Up

Maria De Borba Silva

8:10 PM

Toastmaster Adjourns Meeting

Martine Dardignac

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